“Discover How You Can Increase Your PLR Profits And Save Hundreds Of Dollars… With One Simple Action!”


I’ll be frank with you. The bundle deals below are so good that I don’t even need to write a sales page for them.

But I will… Because I like you.

I’ll let you in on a secret that most marketers won’t tell you… probably because they don’t know it themselves.

The secret is this…


“When Reselling PLR, You Make Your Money When You Buy!”


“Wait, what?!! I don’t understand, Arun.”

Don’t panic. I’ll explain.

You make your money when you buy. So what does that mean?

It means that the lower you keep your costs, the easier it will be to break even and the faster you’ll profit. You’ll make more money when your costs are low.

If you flip real estate, you’ll want to buy the house at the cheapest possible price to make the best return on investment when you sell.

If you ‘re running a restaurant business, you’ll want to negotiate for the lowest rentals possible and get the best prices from your suppliers.

If you’re an online marketer, you want to keep your operating and outsourcing costs as low as possible while getting the best value.

Making your money when you buy translates to HIGHER PROFITS and having a SUSTAINABLE business!


“The Same Applies When Running a PLR Business!”


This is a VERY IMPORTANT point to keep in mind. It applies whether you’re selling PLR… or real estate… or running a restaurant business… etc.

I’ll be frank with you… again…

The PLR products in my store are priced very reasonably. You’re getting stellar content that’s very affordable.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a few PLR packs and add them to your own PLR store without taking a second mortgage on your house.

But guess what?


“Now You Can Get My PLR At An Even LOWER Price!”


I’ve created 3 Special Bundle Deals to keep your costs AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.

Why, Arun?

Because you make your money when you buy! That’s why…

And that is your one action… to buy the PLR at the lowest possible price.


Let’s look at the numbers.

The products in my store are priced from $9.95 to $47. The prices WILL rise in future.

If you bought 10 products priced at $9.95, it would cost you $99.50. The bundle deal  is still cheaper.

If you picked 10 products which are priced at $17 each, that will come up to a total of $170.

With the bundle deal, you’d save a whopping $73! That’s fantastic!

If you apply the same calculations to the other bundle deals, you can save up to hundreds of dollars.

The 30-pack bundle will lower the price of a $17 product to $9.90!


You’d literally be shaving off 50% or more from your costs.  That makes a HUGE difference when you’re trying to profit by reselling PLR.

Your return on investment would be much faster and your profits much higher.


Because you make your money when you buy! I’m getting tired of repeating myself.

I’m not going to hype up the offers below. The value speaks for itself.


Save Time. Save Money. Increase Profits.


Get these deals!

Just click on the images below and you’ll be taken to the product pages where you can find out more details and add the products to your cart.