Kate Rieger

I personally buy and publish Arun’s PLR. Yes, I make changes to it, because that’s the smart way to use PLR. The thing I really appreciate with Arun’s work is that he actually inserts some personality. No, not exactly his personality because that wouldn’t work for most people. After all, we aren’t bawdy jugglers with a passion for hot women and flaming sticks.

However, when I get content from Arun it’s not so generic that it’s boring. There’s some spice you can leave in and take all the credit. Give him a try. You’ll actually want to publish it as fast as you can.

I had been aware of Arun Chandran for a while before I bought my first PLR pack from him. It was rare for me to buy PLR because – well, because of the quality. I’m a picky old thing, quick to grumble and complain if the standards don’t meet my criteria.
Arun’s PLR did reach my high standards.

Actually, his writing exceeded my expectations. His writing style is easy, breezy, and accurate. Beyond that, he puts a special twist on the topics he chooses, making them fresh and interesting.

He talks about overdelivering and I must admit that I read this with a bit of skepticism. It’s one thing to say that a person overdelivers, it is another thing to really overdeliver.
Prepare to be surprised. Arun does deliver above and beyond. Here is an example.

I posted in Facebook that I was interested in a product of his that someone praised. I had not heard of it previously and was curious. Boom. Very shortly after my post, Arun sent me a private message with a link to the product. Which was very very good, BTW.
I ordered another of his PLR products and it was well prepared and well presented – presentation is an important part of this whole online world.

Furthermore, I really enjoy his emails. He’s amusing, entertaining, and a delightful combo of self-deprecation, self-awareness, and self-promotion. Plus, his memes make me laugh out loud. Which is great if I am reading my emails in a coffee shop or at the bingo hall.

First, you need to be on Arun's mailing list because he gives away really good free stuff. Not some crappy PowerPoint template that nine other people are giving away, but really good stuff. Next, you need to get Arun's newsletter because it's fun to read and it can actually teach you to be a better writer. It's pretty darned perfect, except he has this thing for using "cos," which is not a word.

Arun's products -- again, many of them given away for free -- are also good. I mean, well thought out and written in an entertaining way. I'm thinking you should get Arun's stuff just to be entertained. It's that good. Even if you have no other use for it, it's worth reading. Okay, maybe that's going too far, but his writing is unlike any other you'll find online. So get it.

Ken Bluttman

The PLR Arun releases is simply awesome! The professionalism in both the content and the presentation is outstanding. Arun clearly is someone at the top of his game.

As a professional writer and editor. It's rare that I get impressed by anyone's written word.

Yet I am riveted by everything Arun puts out, even his emails. This is no run of the mill content. Arun and his Flaming Hot PLR are top notch. Get on his list, get his PLR. You will be glad you did.

Paul Brighton

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Arun (Flaming Hot PLR) is the real deal. His PLR is not only expertly written and high quality content, it also has personality, which is rather rare to find in any PLR content you buy.

What I love most about Arun’s writing style is the way he waves in psychologic triggers that are perfectly expressing the struggles the target audience has in their minds.

This creates immediate bonding with your audience, because the readers understand that this is coming from someone who has been through the same issues and strugglesas they have. And that is exactly what you want your content to do. If Arun writes PLR on a topic in my niche, I buy it without needing to read the sales page.

He’s that good!

Peter Gilbert

I'm delighted to give Arun a testimonial. I've bought his PLR, I've used his free PLR. I get about 140 emails every single day and Arun's is one of only about 8 that I actually read.

Teresa T Johnston

I don't need to tell you how marvellous Arun's products are, I've bought most of them and there's plenty of testimonials from other fans of his. I thought a character reference would be more valuable. So this is what I've found out about Arun while I've been on his customer list.

He is honest, trustworthy, generous, lazy, humble, highly amusing and the best darn copywriter I've ever had the pleasure to do business with. If you want examples of all these traits you can contact me and I'll send you proof.

*Is that ok, Arun? Can I have my kitten back now?*

Gary Harvey

Arun, I must say it. Your newsletters are some of the BEST I've ever received. Quite possibly, THE best!

For those who dont get Arun's emails (yet!), let me describe what you're missing.

- Incisive observations about marketing and life, written with clarity and passion.
- A generous spirit of sharing, because almost every week there's a gift for subscribers. It might be a pack of Arun-written PLR articles, or a free download. Oh yes, talking about generous, his PLR membership site costs a whopping $1 for 3 months.
- Zany sense of humor.
- Huge work ethic, evidenced by all his output... which is of a high standard.
- He's fearless in calling out shady behaviour, especially in the PLR game.

Maybe not living in the USA means he has no fear of being sued? But I suspect the main reason is - he's just a straight-up guy who speaks from the heart.
- And finally, Arun is a value-adder who doesnt mind being candid about his own failures (and his successes, of course). After each of his product launches, his subscribers get a comprehensive post-mortem email that includes the failure points... so we can all learn from them.

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: If you're not getting his newsletters, you're really missing out.

Tiffany Lambert

Arun, I just love your PLR! I always know that when you write something, I don’t have to worry about it being ripped off from someone else because your ethics are on par with my own.

And I don’t have to be concerned about quality because you do an outstanding job of balancing in-depth research with content that a person can actually enjoy reading and learning from instead of it going above their head.

You’re on one of my shortlist of providers I never hesitate to promote to my own customers.

James William Brown

I started as a freelance copywriter, then moved to ghostwriting. My final journey in non-fiction, brought me to creating PLR and buying PLR. I've bought several products from Arun, the last one being his awesome survival bundle. Arun has a clear handle on what PLR need and want.

His PLR is not over written and stuffy. It is straight forward and to the matter of fact. One thing I noticed about Arun's PLR, is the way he formats it for very easy reading. His PLR often contains great images, that really drive home the message he is

I truly believe that you cannot go wrong when you decide to purchase and implement the PLR that Arun creates. It will make you money, if you use it.

The reason why I buy PLR products and keep on Arun's list is twofold: His articles is as good as any I have seen over the last few years and that I really do love reading them. He's got a fantastic sense of humour. The third motive is his PLR gifts: value for money wise, he doesn't have equivalent.

He is so generous to give out his PLR content by only a little monthly fee. His Excellency's emails are the absolute most looked-forward to emails that comes to my Inbox. He is a good entertainer and story teller, constantly have deep wisdom to impart, and that I really like hearing his stories about his family and his life.

Stacy Russell

I love your emails. I save them to read when there are no distractions. I appreciate being on your list because you send great content, referrals, free gifts, and maybe most importantly, a good chuckle.

I used your PLR in this post and am getting some traffic from Pinterest which is helping my list building. https://www.alesstoxiclife.com/weightloss/reason-you-are-not-losing-weight/

Your writing style allows me to edit in my own voice where needed but because you do such a great job I don’t have to totally rewrite your content in order for it to make sense.

Shawn Shepherd

It was a happy day when the planets aligned and I accidentally found myself on Arun’s mailing list. His email is one of the few that I look forward to getting.

They are always funny and informative. His PLR is top notch, well written, and a great value. And on top of that, his generosity is without equal.

Kate Benzin

If you’re a website owner, you want to project yourself as an authority on your topic. But you just don’t have time to research and write all the content that you need, so you turn to PLR.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of crappy PLR on the market, and you usually have to spend a lot of time re-writing it and double-check all the data and conclusions. Not with Arun’s PLR!

His writing is great – it flows well and has a pleasant conversational tone. And you can be sure that the information has been well researched.

So, if you’re looking for some of the very best content on the internet to give your website the authenticity that it needs, look no further than Arun and his site Flaming Hot PLR. His PLR can’t be beat.

Peggy Hazelwood

In the PLR world, Arun stands out from the crowd, mostly because of that fire in the background in his photo. But besides that, he seems to be a stand-up guy.

Here's an example:

He is always sending these emails with links to free stuff. Yes! Free! And he can actually write a coherent sentence and thus a coherent article so the stuff is useful. Go figure.

I also like the that fact that Arun's PLR is on a wide variety of subjects, so in case you want to read about bugs in Brazil or cooking in Canton, Arun's your man. (Note: I don't think he's actually written about that stuff, but you get the picture.)

And don't get me started on all of those bonuses he adds when promoting other people's stuff. How does he do it? If you know, could you clue me in please?

In all seriousness, Arun is a seasoned PLR pro who provides a great product and who isn't afraid to help newbies wading into the PLR waters. Way to go, Arun. Way to go.

Arun’s plr is exceptional in its own right. He writes his content so well that it should be sold as a personal rights product; yet he sells it as plr so his buyers can use it. The content doesn’t need much modification at all because it’s easy to read. Oh, and that little flash of humor in it?

That just serves to distinguish him more in the plr field. Thanks for all your help.

I have been on Arun's subscriber list now for a while and I have to say this is one list I will never unsubscribe from. I look forward to his wit and straight to the point chat and the quality of his free gifts and products are excellent.

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Barbara Moss

Well - I was almost tempted NOT to write a testimonial on the off-chance that Arun might come to my house to collect one!

Seriously, I have been a client of Arun's ever since he first started his PLR journey. I will never 'unsubscribe' because his emails are entertaining, funny and I always open them with anticipation.

They even carry a valuable message on occasion not to mention a plethora of really great gifts in the shape of articles, e-books and businesses in boxes - almost all with great licence-rights included.

I am happy to be a paying customer too as the standard of his writing is always way above the norm and I really trust his accuracy and his English.

So thanks to Arun for being the only marketer in the world that I actually enjoy dealing with.

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Catherine Loughnane

I had to reply to this email with my testimonial. I recently purchased some survival plr from Arun. Not only was the plr top quality but Arun actually makes time to connect with people. Even though I am quite new to using plr he certainly stands behind his products.

Oh and he has the best sense of humor ever. Definitely recommend.

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Kristin van Tilburg

I am a huge fan of Arun and Flaming Hot PLR! I have come to rely on Arun's insights about the internet marketing business in general, and specifically, the PLR marketplace.

I believe he has saved me tons of money because I am better informed about the shady stuff some marketers do.

I enjoy reading his emails, and in these times where there is just too much to read it all, I always open Arun's emails because I know there will be interesting content, useful content, and wonderful gifts.

Arun is extremely generous, and his Flaming Hot PLR is the BEST deal ever, so join his membership for a dollar per quarter, and reap the benefits.

In my opinion, Arun’s articles are about the best you can obtain. His grammar, punctuation and spelling are always correct. It’s a treat not to have edit every article to do a bunch of corrections. I would say he is one of the best writers I have come across in my 10 years of purchasing ebooks and articles.

They are always very informative and a pleasure to read. I strongly recommend any writings from Arun.