Want to create your very own PLR store? The videos below are ALL you need! Period.

Do note that while I’ve broken it down into 5 steps, each step has several little tasks that must be completed for your store to materialize.

I understand that videos 3, 4 and 5 are longer than your average 15 minute training videos that you’ll find in most rubbish WSOs.

But the devil is in the details… and I’ve given you all the details!

You have 2 options!

Option 1: Roll your eyes at the long videos and rush off to buy some shiny $7 product that will earn you nothing.

Option 2: Watch the videos… build your very own PLR Store… and actually start making money online. (RECOMMENDED)

Well, you’re still reading… so you probably went with Option 2. I hope.

Do note that video 2 displays smaller than the rest. I probably messed up the aspect ratio… Just expand the screen size and it’s still watchable.

Watch ALL the videos and follow along. Let’s Go!


Introduction: The Basics That You’ll Need!

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Video #2 – Building The Foundations

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Video #3 – Setting Up the Pages and Modifying the Settings

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Video #4 – Setting Up The Products In Your Store

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Video #5 – Taking It To the Next Level… and a Mini Pep Talk

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1. See the example PLR Store here
2. Download the resource page here
3. Domains from Namecheap
4. Hosting from Hosted Safe
5. Freestore theme and plugins here
6. Email marketing with GetResponse
7. Contact Tawanda: If you wish to use Tawanda’s graphic design services, you can email him at Tawietee[AT]
8. Create your own ecovers with Ecover Authority
9. How to get started with Amazon S3
10. Outsource your graphics on Fiverr

*Now that you know how to build a store, go ahead and get my PLR packs and add them to your store today. You’ll be be making sales in no time at all!

~ Arun